By Laws

 Friends of Findley State Park, Inc.



The Name of the corporation shall be Friends of Findley State Park, Inc.


ARTICLE II – Location

The place in the State of Ohio where its principle office is located in the Village of Wellington, Findley State Park, County of Lorain, State of Ohio.


Article III – Purpose

Friends of Findley State Park, Inc is formed for the following purpose:


1.     To promote and make improvements at Findley State Park. 

2.    To promote the education of children as well as the general public on the importance of the preservation and conservation of our natural resources. 

3.     To receive grants, contributions and donations of money and services to enhance the park facilities, natural habitat and educational programs. 

4.     In furthermore of said purposes and powers, the corporation shall have all of the powers granted Friends of Findley State Park. Inc. by the provisions of Chapter 1724 of the Ohio Revised Code as such laws are now in effect and by every statue of the State of Ohio.  Hereafter enacted whereby the purposes, powers, rights, and privileges of a corporation organized under Chapter 1724 of the Ohio Revised Code are increased, diminished, or in any way affected, shall be applicable to this Corporation if such statue had been in force at the date of filing of these Articles of Incorporation. 

5.     Each purpose specified in any clause or paragraph contained in this Article III, shall be deemed to be independent of all other purposes herein specified, and shall not be limited or restricted by reference to or inference from term of any other clause or paragraph of these Articles of Incorporation. 


ARTICLE IV - Membership and Dues  

Section 1.  Membership 

  1. A Member is in good standing if they are presently an active volunteer and a paid up member of the Friends of Findley State Park, Inc.


  1. An Honorary Member shall be defined as any person contributing significantly to the Friends of Findley State Park, Inc. and shall be considered worthy of honorary status with the organization.  An Honorary Member is entitled to most rights and privileges of a general member except voting.


Section 2.  Types of Membership 

Individual Membership

  1. Open to any person eighteen (18) years of age or older.
  2. Shall have voting privileges of one (1) vote per issue.
  3. Entitled to hold elected office.

Family Membership

  1. Open to any group of persons living together as a family, including all legal dependents with at least one (1) person eighteen (18) years of age or older.
  2. Family members eighteen (18) years of age or older shall be entitled to one (1) vote--with a maximum of two (2) votes per family per issue.
  3. Only one (1) member of a family unit shall be entitled to hold an elected office.

Lifetime Membership

  1. Open to any person eighteen (18) years of age or older or family.
  2. Shall have voting privileges of one (1) vote per issue and two (2) votes per family.
  3. Only one (1) member of a family unit shall be entitled to hold an elected office.

Associate Membership

  1. Open to any group desiring to support The Friends of Findley State Park, Inc.
  2. Shall not be entitled to hold any office.

Corporate Sponsor

  1. Open to any business or firm interested in supporting the activities and ideals of The Friends of Findley State Park, Inc.
  2. Shall have voting privileges of one (1) vote per issue.
  3. Membership requires approval of membership during any regular meeting with a quorum in attendance.
  4. Shall be entitled to have one (1) representative of their group eighteen (18) years of age or older, who is a member in good standing, to be elected as a Director.

 Youth Organization

      A.  Open to any Youth Organization (i.e.; Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts)               

      interested in supporting the activities and ideals of The Friends of Findley State         

      Park, Inc.

B.  Shall have voting privileges (by Organization Leader) of one (1) vote per issue.

C.  Membership requires approval of membership during any regular meeting with a

      quorum in attendance.

D.  Member Organization in good standings will be entitled to Membership Dues at no cost.                       


Section 3.  Dues for Membership 

            Individual Membership                       $10.00

            Family Membership                            $15.00

            Lifetime Membership                        $100.00

            Associate Membership                        $50.00

            Corporate Membership                      $100.00

            Youth Organization                                N/C


    1. The initial dues are payable upon membership acceptance by the Organization.
    1. Subsequent annual dues are payable at the beginning of each calendar year, which is January 1 through December 31.
    1. Lifetime Membership is a one-time payment.
    2. After 10 years, a member in good standings will be exempt from paying annual dues.
    3. Any member may be voted out of the Friends of Findley State Park, Inc. by a majority of the Trustees for behavior considered to be inappropriate and/or offensive to the Organization.
    4. Dues are subject to change by a majority vote of the membership at anytime effective the next calendar year.


Article V – Meetings

Section 1.  Membership Meetings 

1.        The annual meeting of the membership shall be held at the principle office of the  Corporation at Findley State Park in the first Tuesday of March of each year. 

2.        Special meetings of the members may be held at such time and places as may be ordered by the Board of Trustees or the Officers or by call (giving the object) and signed by at least ten percent of the membership. 

3.        Notice (signed by the President or Secretary) giving the time, place and purpose of such annual or special meetings of the members shall be given to each member appearing on the books of the Corporation. 

4.        Regular membership meetings will be held the first Tuesday of every month.


Section 2.  Order of Business 

            At the member’s meeting the order of business shall be as follows:           

1.       Roll Call

2.       Reading of the minutes from the previous meeting and acting therein

3.       Financial report or statement

4.       Report of Trustees and/or Committees when necessary

5.       Reports of President or other Officers

6.       Unfinished business

7.       New or miscellaneous business

8.       Election of Officers (last business meeting of the year)

9.       Close of business (adjourn)


Section 3.  Meeting Guidelines 

1.       Meetings will be held monthly, with the exception of December, no meeting will be held. 

2.       Meeting shall be open to all members and guests. 

3.       A quorum shall be one-third of the general membership. The quorum must include at least two officers to conduct official business. 

4.       When questions arise, Roberts Rules of Order (latest edition) shall prevail. 


ARTICLE VI – Trustees

Article VI – Trustees, has been amended.  Trustees are no longer necessary at this time.


ARTICLE VII – Officers 

Officers shall be responsible for directing and managing the affairs of the Organization. The Officers are the decision making body of the Organization and all committees are advisory.  

Section 1.   Election of Officers 

    1. The Officers will be as follows:  President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
    1. An Officers term will consist of two (2) calendar years, with no limit to number or terms.
    1. An Officer may be elected to no more that two (2) consecutive terms in the same office.
    1. Elections will be as follows, President and Secretary in odd number years and Vice- President and Treasurer in even number years.
    1. Vacancies will be filled by a general election.
    1. Nominations of general members for Officer Positions will be accepted from the general membership during the October meeting.
    1. Only members in good standings will have voting privileges.
    1. Elections will be held no later than the last business meeting of the year.


Section 2.   Description of Officers’ responsibilities


1.     The President:  Shall preside over meetings according to accepted rules of parlance. Has the option to appoint committees and serve as an ex-officio member. The President may dissolve such committees. Shall act as volunteer coordinator and be responsible for volunteer scheduling. Shall be responsible for overseeing representation of the organization at Findley State Park staff meetings. Will serve on the membership committee.  

2.    The Vice-President:   Shall assist the President in his or her duties and preside at meetings in the absence of the President. Become President in the event the existing President is unable to fulfill their term obligation.  

3.    The Secretary:   Shall record the minutes of the General Membership, Executive, and Special meetings and be responsible for presenting the minutes of each meeting. Be responsible for all communications. Shall maintain copies of the Bylaws, minutes and committee reports and available at general meetings. Shall track and maintain an updated list of members. Will serve on membership committee.  

4.    The Treasurer:    Will be responsible for handling all association funds in accordance with direction from the association. Will pay bills only when authorized and when receipts for expenditures are attached. Shall make all reports concerning the association as may be required by the State of Ohio or the Internal Revenue Service. Will  present statements of the financial condition of the association at all meetings upon request. Receive membership dues and donations. Will make  books available to the Audit Committee for review. Upon the expiration of the term, the Treasurer shall deliver all money or other property of the association in their possession to their successor or the President.


Section 3.   Officer Position End of Service 

    1. Upon the end of service for any reason, Officers shall immediately deliver all records, money or other property of the Group in his or her possession to their successor or to the President.
    1. Any Officer may resign at any time by notice in writing delivered to either the President or Vice-President.
    1. An Officer may be dismissed from the position if he or she misses three (3) consecutive meetings without due cause, or upon determination of negligence of duty. The decision to dismiss an Officer must be agreed upon by a majority of the Trustees.


ARTICLE VIII – Committees 

1.     Committees will be found and dissolved by the organization as needed.  The President shall conduct the selection of committee members from the general membership during monthly meetings by offering memberships on committees on a voluntary basis. 

2.     Associate and honorary members may offer to serve on committees or they may be asked to serve on committees as consultants. 

3.     All committees shall report at a monthly meeting.  A procedure for notifying the President of scheduled committee meetings shall be adopted by the membership committee. 

4.     The Audit Committee will review the association’s books on an annual basis or whenever deemed necessary. 

5.     The Executive Committee shall consist of all Officers and Trustees. 


ARTICLE IX – Amendments 

1.     Written notification of proposals to revise or amend the By-Laws will be

                         presented to the President or to any Board Member. 

2.     The proposed revision or amendments will be presented to the association at the next regular meeting. 

3.     All proposed revisions or amendments must have two readings at monthly meetings before being put to a vote. 

4.     By-laws may be revised or amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the general membership present, with a quorum in attendance. 



All members of this corporation shall be voting member unless as stated in the membership levels.



This corporation shall have no capital stock and will not engage in business for profit. Membership in the corporation shall be governed and controlled as provided in the Constitution and By-laws of this corporation. 



No part of the earnings, if any, of the corporation shall insure to the benefit of any individual, member, trustee or officer. Upon any dissolution of the corporation none of its property and assets shall be distributed to any member, trustee or officer of the corporation or to any other individual,  but to such public charitable purposes in the Lorain County, Ohio area as may be determined by the Trustees, with the approval of the Court of Common Pleas of Lorain County, Ohio.



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